Information for U.S Customers:
Under NAFTA, any item manufactured in the United States, Canada or Mexico is duty free; items made in other countries have a duty.
Source: U.S. Customs

Canada has one of the most advanced customs organizations in the world, and our borders and the processes we have in place to manage them are critical to our ability to provide Canadians and visitors to Canada with the security and opportunity they expect. Visitors entering Canada must clear Canada Customs border security upon entry.

Entry into Canada
Travelling from the United States:
American visitor to Canada DO need a passport to cross in either direction. Visitors may be asked to certify their citizenship and should therefore carry any one of the following documents: Birth Certificate, naturalization certificate, Green Card or passport. Photo identification is also required so visitors should carry their driver's license or other photo ID with them.

All visitors are required to present a valid passport when crossing from the U.S to Canada or Canada back to the U.S

Travelling from Countries other than the United States:
In general, passports are required however visitors from countries other than the U.S. should call for further information:
From outside Canada: 1-800-992-7037
From within Canada: 1-888-242-2100

Anything to declare?
Returning to the United States
If the length of the stay is less than 48 hours, $200 in merchandise may be taken back to the U.S. duty-free (including up to five ounces of alcohol and 50 cigarettes). Every 30 days, returning U.S. citizens are allowed to bring back $400 (retail value) in merchandise duty-free, provided they have been out of the U.S for 48 hours.

This amount can include: - one carton of cigarettes
- 100 cigars (not Cuban)
- two kilograms of smoking tobacco
- one litre of liquor, provided the buyer is 21 years of age

The following items are not permitted into the U.S.:
- Cuban or Iranian products
- Fruits and vegetables
- uncooked grains

Goods bought in Canada but manufactured in the U.S. are duty-free and not included in the basic exemption. Original handmade crafts and work of art are also exempt; however, a receipt of purchase may be required.

For further information of U.S. customs regulations, please call (905) 676-2606.