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Style Files
April 2017
How To Survive The Winter-Spring Fashion Transition

Spring is FINALLY on its way in, but if you live around the Ontario/Michigan border, that means lots of unpredictable weather. You can have snow, sun, rain, and way-above-average temperatures all within a few days. And for the style-conscious among us trying to get through this season, it can be a fashion nightmare. Breeze through the changing of the seasons with this spring’s eight hottest style tips from Windsor Crossing’s style experts.

1. Accessorize with an oversized scarf.
A great big scarf is going to be your failsafe functional fashion piece while spring is settling in. If you misjudge the temperature and wear a too-light jacket, you can sneak it over your shoulders to add some insulation. It also works as a great wrap (or even blanket!) in a too-chilly office. Too warm? Leave it draped around your shoulders and open, or thread it through the handles of your purse if you need to take it off.

Windsor Crossing Favourite: The Isabelle Wrap Scarf from Roots

2. Stick with closed-toes and thicker heels.
Booties are a great option this time of year (especially in colours that POP), but you always want to opt for a closed-toe to keep your feet warm and protected from sudden weather changes. Save the skinnier heels and stilettos for later in the season! Chunkier heels he [...]